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I very intentionally chose March for "LEGACY" to touch down. We are BLACK and GREAT not just in February. Our greatness is worthy of recognition 24/7 365.

This release is especially sacred to me. It pays homage to our ancestors who are and always will be the "how". Because of them, we are. 

The fragrance, a distinct yet subtle scent reminiscent of the richness of the earth. A blend of green, floral, and musk with a hint of citrus.  

Tastefully presented in a 9 oz. limited edition gold glass vessel. 

Order now to reserve yours, numbers are limited. Shipping will begin March 15 via UPS, for delivery in 1-3 days (depending where you are located). 


If you are anything like me, there are times when you will come across a smell and it sparks very vivid mental images. Sometimes those images are from your childhood or some other time in your past. (The smell of cotton candy reminds me of going to the circus as a little girl. Salt water reminds me of trips to Atlantic City when I was also a child.)

Sometimes the smell will invoke mental images so explicit that can or will change our mood entirely.

The mission of "MOOD by Kia" is to create products with a smell so distinctive that they immediately evoke a pleasant memory or mood within you. 

Each "MOOD by Kia" product gets its name from a mood that we all have at some time experienced; most of them pleasant or empowering. We don't currently have any plans for a "bitter", "angry" or "jealous" 😉.

It is my sincere hope that your senses are moved in only the most positive and inspiring way. 

Thank you for your support.