MOOD By Kia is an aromatic experience, designed to shift the energies of your space after a long day or when you want to create the perfect night. Founded by Kia Smith, a Washington, DC area based entrepreneur and Realtor, who knows ambiance and atmosphere. MOOD by Kia is a line of luxury home fragrance products that make moods happen instantly.

"GRATEFUL" - Candle
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IT'S BACK! With a face lift and all...

In spite of all that we've been through over the last one plus years, let's remember to be GRATEFUL for the many blessings we have,

GRATEFUL is was our Premier candle. It's where it all began for MOOD by Kia. It is a delicious dance of magnolia and gardenia in an 11 ounce glass vessel that promises brighten your senses, change your mood and your attitude. 

It sells out every single time it touches down. So if you love it like I do, GET YOURS NOW!

Thank you for your support. 

The long awaited waited return of "SPEND THE NIGHT" is upon us! When I say back by popular demand...this date night favorite has been greatly missed. Reserve yours NOW! I promise you, it won't last.