"Can't believe that this is happening. something's taken over me. i can't seem to shake the thought of you..." rahsaan patterson - "SPEND THE NIGHT"

MOOD By Kia is an aromatic experience, designed to shift the energies of your space after a long day or when you want to create the perfect night. Founded by Kia Smith, a Washington, DC area based entrepreneur and Realtor, who knows ambiance and atmosphere. MOOD by Kia is a line of luxury home fragrance products that make moods happen instantly.

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As we celebrate Spring and prepare to celebrate Mother's Day , I thought "Nurture" was the most appropriate name for this new gem. 

Nurture by definition is "the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something". Be it our new Spring blooms and foliage or our children and loved ones, its just what we do. 

This gem is a soft, sweet, gentle fragrance with notes of: Jasmine, Green Apple, Sweet Pea, a hint of fresh greens and bergamot. 

The sweet smell of Spring and a Mother's hug! 💗💗🌷🌷

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